NECA 301 standard defines neat, workmanlike fiber installation

The standard was derived from material created by The Fiber Optic Association.

The FOA NECA 301 standard, Installing and Testing Fiber Optics, has been revised for a second time. According to The Fiber Optic Association, this second revision adds considerable new materials. The standard, the FOA says, is derived from the association's educational material, put into standard format, and approved by the American National Standards Institute.

"It's specifically written to be used in contracts to define 'installation in a neat and workmanlike manner,'" the FOA says.

The National Electrical Contractors Association's executive director of standards and safety Mike Johnston adds, "Optical fibers have largely replaced copper wire in telecommunications networks in the U.S., so it's important that electrical contractors, specifying engineers and inspectors are fully aware of their correct installation procedures. When you consider that much of disaster notifications are communicated through fiber-optic systems, they become even more important to ensuring safety and security."

NECA notes that in its most recent revision, NECA 301 was carefully crafted to reflect the latest provisions and requirements of the National Electrical Code and conform to TIA-568-C, TIA-569-B, TIA-606-A, TIA-607-A and NECA/BICSI-568.

The standard costs $20 for NECA members and $40 for non-members.

You can order NECA 301 online here.

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