TIA publishes 568-C.4 standard for coaxial cabling

Specification details installation methods, termination procedures, grounding/bonding requirements, field testing and other practices.

Valerie Maguire, global sales engineer with Siemon, recently posted on the company's Network Infrastructure Blog that the Telecommunications Industry Association has published a new standard, TIA-568-C.4 Broadband Coaxial Cabling and Components Standard. Maguire serves as vice chair of TIA's TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee. In her post Maguire stated that the standard "specifies mechanical, transmission and electromagnetic compatibility requirements for 75-ohm broadband coaxial cables, cords, connecting hardware and cabling ..." She later stated, "Cabling installation methods, connector termination procedures, grounding and bonding requirements, deployoment topologies and field testing procedures are also provided."

The post also includes a list of what is addressed in the standard's main clauses.

You can read Valerie Maguire's full blog post here.

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