Alien-crosstalk demonstration on video

A 6-around-1 short cabling run simulates a data center link and passes near- and far-end alien crosstalk tests.

A video produced by NextLAN -- the cabling-system brand comprising Superior Essex cable and Leviton Network Solutions connecting hardware -- demonstrates the AXi Category 6A cabling system's ability to exceed TIA standards for electrical-performance characteristics including alien crosstalk. The video demonstration depicts a real-world data center cabling system in that it uses concentrically coiled short lengths of 10Gain XP Category 6A cables that terminate between two patch panels. The demonstration notes that a professionally installed cabling system is likely to perform better than the demo bundles. The bundles include seven cables in six-around-one configurations. The video demonstrates links of only 10 feet providing performance margins over TIA standard requirements for near-end and far-end alien crosstalk.

Randy Butler, enterprise solution specialist with NextLAN, conducts the video demonstration. In it, he walks viewers through the testing process for a Category 6A system, including the setup for alien-crosstalk testing. Butler explains that testing seven cables fully, including alien-crosstalk testing, takes about 10 minutes. The video does not show the full 10-minute test, just its results.

Watch the video here.

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