Belden confirms 10G UTP system exceeds Cat 6A

March 5, 2008
March 5, 2008 -- In a recent press release, the company confirmed that its System 10GX UTP cabling platform meets and exceeds all the performance requirements of the newly ratified TIA Category 6A standard (ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B.2-10).

March 5, 2008 -- In a recent press release, Belden confirmed that its System 10GX UTP cabling platform, first introduced in January 2005, meets and exceeds all the performance requirements of the newly ratified TIA Category 6A standard (ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B.2-10).

The TIA standard defines the requirements of four-pair balanced copper cabling to support 10G transmission for distances up to 100 meters. Belden says its System 10GX not only meets and exceeds all Category 6A requirements, but delivers guaranteed performance up to 625 MHz, or 125 MHz beyond the standard.

"Belden innovated with four totally new enabling technologies to achieve these results," comments Paul Kish, director of cabling systems and standards at Belden.

The company contends that its RoundFlex cable technology features an internal cross-web construction that keeps the cabling system's alien crosstalk at an exceptionally low level while attaining a smaller cable diameter. Further, the company says its MatriX IDC module technology effectively eliminates alien crosstalk coupling between modular jacks. Also, the company says its FlexPoint PCB module technology positions the system's compensation circuitry directly at the plug's point of contact, thus reducing any unwanted noise. Finally, the company's X-Bar module termination technology assures accurate module/cable termination and reduces installation variables, according to Belden.

"The combination of all these enabling technologies ensures that our System 10GX provides guaranteed performance up to 625 MHz, which is 25% greater than the TIA Category 6A standard. These performance benefits apply for all channel configurations up to 100 meters and down to as little as 5 meters, an unequalled feat in the industry, " continues Kish. "This is an important consideration for new installations in data centers, allowing greater flexibility in cabling layouts."

The TIA Category 6A standard (TIA 568 B.2-10) was ratified by TIA TR 42 engineering committee on February 8, 2008. The standard represents the most advanced set of network cabling requirements specified up to 500 MHz. Category 6A is fully backward compatible with all the previous categories, including Category 6, Category 5e and Category 5.

"The finalization of the TIA Category 6A cabling standard and the recent 10GBASE-T equipment announcements should accelerate the deployment of 10G-over-copper network solutions throughout the enterprise," concludes Matt Schaal, vice president of marketing and R&D at Belden. "Belden is committed to bring products and solutions beyond the minimum limits determined by cabling standards. By working closely with our customers and understanding their applications and network environments, Belden can deliver solutions such as the System 10GX that help our customers' networks operate more efficiently."

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