Cabling standards veteran participating in World Standards Day videocast

Oct. 9, 2012
Steve Swanson of Corning will take part in a discussion about the impact of standardization on the global economy.

Steve Swanson, manager of fiberstandards at Corning, will participate in a roundtable discussion about the role of standardization in the global economy. The roundtable is part of World Standards Day, and will be broadcast live via video, then available for viewing on-demand.

“World Standards Day raises awareness among regulators, industry and consumers of standardization to the global economy,” said the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) when announcing Swanson’s participation. The TIA’s video channel, TIA NOW, will air the roundtable discussion live at 11am EDT on Thursday, October 11. Beginning at 3pm that same day, the recorded session will be available for on-demand viewing.

You can register for, and view, the roundtable at TIA NOW, here.

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