White paper compares IP VPN, Ethernet WAN services uptake

New white paper from IDC.

An August 2012 white paper from global market intelligence firm IDC analyzes trends and business drivers that are propelling enterprises toward network-based IP VPN and Ethernet WAN services, and the types of applications and vertical segments that are leading the adoption of these services.

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The premise of the research is that both IP VPN and Ethernet WAN services offer enterprises a range of technology and business benefits and perform best when deployed in environments that closely match their capabilities. The paper first examines the major differences between an Ethernet WAN and a network-based IP VPN and then discusses the benefits and advantages of the two technologies. Typical examples are then reviewed of when it is best to use a network-based IP VPN solution, an Ethernet WAN solution, and a combined hybrid IP VPN/Ethernet WAN solution based on different enterprise requirements.

Download the white paper here.

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