Webinar asks, and answers, what happened to TIA-606-A

July 19, 2012
One-hour online seminar covers the essentials of TIA-606-B and explains how a properly administered infrastructure saves time and money.

A webcast seminar that will be delivered by Dymo Industrial's national account manager Al Feaster asks, and answers, the question that is its title: "What happened to TIA-606-A?" The seminar, approximately one hour in duration, will cover the following key points about the revision of the 606 standard series from its "A" version to its "B" version.

  • History and evolution of the TIA-606 standard series
  • Specifications, requirements and recommendations in the TIA-606-B standard
  • How the 606-B standard differs from 606-A
  • Why it is important to properly administer a cabling system, and how to do so

Dymo describes the seminar content as follows: "In the normal process of standards evolvement, standards are changed and updated as technology evolves. TIA 606-A has undergone a facelift to accommodate the changes and will be released as 606-B ... For those who use the TIA standards, keeping updated is very important. Although administration of the infrastructure is crucial in the day-to-day operation, it is still ignored by many. By the end of this session we will see how a properly administered infrastructure can save time and money."

Individuals who attend the seminar in its entirety will be eligible to receive one continuing education credit toward renewal of the following BICSI professional designations: RCDD, RITP, Installer, Technician and Certified Trainer.

You can find more information about the seminar here or register for it here.

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