TIA-1179 questions and answers

Two-page document from CommScope provides basics about the standard as well as in-depth information on requirements, work areas and compliance.

CommScope has published a two-page question-and-answer-style document covering TIA-1179 The Healthcare Facilities Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard. The document includes information helpful to network and cabling-system managers in healthcare facilities, and also can be useful for consultants and contractors who have healthcare-facility clients.

The document, entitled "How Does the TIA-1179 Cabling Standard Affect My Healthcare Facility?" covers basics including the definition of TIA-1179, how the standard differs from the TIA-568 standard series, and why a standard specific to healthcare cabling was created. The document also covers some more-in-depth topics including the unique requirements described in TIA-1179, the standard's definition of a work area, and a discussion about compliance with the standard.

You can access the document directly from CommScope here.

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