Power distribution units

Sept. 1, 2016
Collection of products for the cable markets.
Three-phase rack ATS

Tripp Lite’s 3-Phase Rack ATS enables redundant power for network devices with non-redundant power supply configurations by combining the speed of solid-state switching with the efficiency of electromechanical relay switching. For high-density, clustered server environments, this solution delivers high reliability, high efficiency and substantial cost savings, while opening the door to new server design possibilities, Tripp Lite continued.

Its high-capacity hybrid design combines solid-state switching with the holding power of electromechanical relays to create reliable and efficient ATS solutions up to 17.3 kW. Its switching time of less than 7 ms provides reliable transfer from primary to secondary power sources. It also provides rapid coordination of A/B power sources that are not phase-synchronized, in addition to transferring loads between synchronized sources.

Tripp Lite,www.tripplite.com

Intelligent rack transfer switch

Raritan’s PX3TS Transfer Switch series distributes power in cabinets with single power supply devices. It prevents downtime in those devices with patent-pending technology that eliminates points of failure. It also offers one of the fastest load transfer times of products in this class, the company says.

Built on the same platform as the PX3 series of intelligent rack PDUs, the PX3TS is capable of metering at the inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level. It offers outlet-level switching for remote power cycling, plus support for environmental sensors that capture temperature, humidity, airflow, and more, according to Raritan, which adds that these features enable better power, capacity and energy management from afar. The transfer switch series is available in a range of voltages, plus types and form factors. It offers time-saving options for setup and configuration, as well as an open API that makes it easier to integrate with third-party solutions, and manage from a single pane of glass, the company concludes.

Raritan, a brand of Legrand,www.raritan.com

Intelligent PDUs

Siemon’s WheelHouse Advanced Data Center Solutions includes a full line of intelligent PDUs in metered, monitored, smart, switched and managed styles for troubleshooting, control and monitoring of power usage, capacity and environmental conditions. Available in single-phase and either Delta or Wye three-phase power, the PDUs feature a variety of input currents and voltages with either NEMA or IEC plug styles. Multiple NEMA and IEC output options distribute reliable 120V, 208V or 230V to rack-mounted IT equipment, ranging from 1.8kW to 22kW.

All Siemon PDUs come in both horizontal and vertical styles. Horizontal PDUs mount easily in any standard EIA 19-inch rack, while vertical PDUs are ideal for mounting within a cabinet’s zero-U space. One such environment is the shared zero-U space between bayed Siemon VersaPod cabinets that allows PDU outlets to be shared by equipment across two cabinets for savings and efficiency, the company notes.

Siemon, www.siemon.com/wheelhouse

Smart PDU

The RPM1581HVN is an 8-port IP-addressable PDU that allows administrators and technicians to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices, eliminating the need for wasteful service calls to reboot locked-up devices. The Remote Power Manager (RPM) can be managed from any smart device, including a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Communications are handled through a built-in webserver. Access is limited by a user name and password. Other security features include HTTPS support, SSL encryption, IP and MAC filtering, RADIUS, SYSLOG and others.

The RPM1581HVN is also able to automatically detect if a device is locked up and send an email or SNMP trap notification. Each receptacle is independently addressable, and each port can also be assigned to a group. In addition to the 8-port version, 2-, 16- and 24-port versions are available.

Minuteman, www.minuteman.com/rpm

Snake Bus

Snake Bus is a modular power distribution system that offers “the most flexibility in power distribution for workstations, call centers, trading floors and data centers,” Snake Tray says. Snake Bus’s characteristics include a 50 Amp/208 Volt, 3-phase system that delivers up to 27.5 kilowatts of power; a modular track system that installs more quickly than traditional hard-wiring methods; and the ability to be moved and reused easily for changes and retrofits.

Additionally, Snake Tray says that Snake Bus is energy-efficient, with copper bus bar technology. The system also incorporates an IP-addressable current monitoring system. Its slim profile fits in a space less than 2.5 inches. The system, made in the United States, addresses California State Title 24 requirements and other state equivalents for a green energy delivery system, Snake Tray concludes.

Snake Tray, www.snaketray.com

1970 Series X-Treme Box

Southwire’s X-Treme Box unit provides worksite power distribution that Southwire says is “economical, rugged, and safe.” The box’s new roll-cage designs are constructed with a tubular steel frame for added durability and are vertically stackable for easy transports. The box features weatherproof receptacles and circuit breaker cover, is made of heavy-gauge carbon steel, and includes a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish, the company adds.

The X-Treme Box incorporates a 50A CA-style main inlet and outlet, and a NEMA 30A locking receptacle with overload protection along with six 20A receptacles, one 30A receptacle and a plug-and-play design with standard jobsite power connections away from surface moisture. The receptacles are overcurrent-protected, and include a dedicated GFCI module for each 20A outlet.

Southwire, www.southwire.com

UPS protects IT equipment, supplements AC grid

Methode uses lithium-ion battery technology to deliver a UPS with unprecedented energy density and battery life, while providing a much smaller footprint within the data cabinet. The Active Energy AC6000 is designed to both protect IT equipment from power outages and supplement the AC grid during peak energy consumption. The patent-pending peak shaving technology provides the ability to supplement grid power at the rack level to prevent power overdraw. Methode says the technology transforms the UPS into a working asset to assist in reducing power costs or adding vital additional capacity when power is maxed out.

Methode Data Solutions Group,www.methode.com/data

eConnect PDUs

Chatsworth Products Inc.’s (CPI) eConnect power distribution units (PDUs) now include cost-saving capabilities such as Secure Array IP Consolidation, Click Secure Locking Outlets and high-outlet-density models. Secure Array IP Consolidation enables users to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables. Click Secure Technology is available on all eConnect PDUs with IEC outlets. The patent-pending technology features locking outlets that securely fasten equipment to the PDU without proprietary power cords. Featuring densities of up to 60 outlets on monitored models and 48 outlets on switched models, CPI’s eConnect high-outlet-density PDUs maintain the desired low-profile design.

Chatsworth Products Inc., www.chatsworth.com

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