You're doing good

The grammar police probably want to slap my wrists for writing a headline that says, "You're doing good." They'd tell me it should say, "You're doing well."

From the September, 2013 Issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine

By Patrick McLaughlin

The grammar police probably want to slap my wrists for writing a headline that says, "You're doing good." They'd tell me it should say, "You're doing well." Doing well and doing good mean different things. When my daughter makes nine out of ten free throws, she's doing well. To do good means to act for the betterment of somebody or something. An act of kindness extended to someone in need is an example of doing good.

Don't worry, grammar police, I already knew that. And I used the headline anyway, because it is my firm belief that by doing well in the cabling profession, you really are doing good.

A structured cabling job well done does more than just ensure that bits and bytes successfully make it from one point to another. In many cases, a job well done can raise the profile of the profession.

As Internet Protocol (IP) truly becomes an enabling platform, to which multiple building systems can attach and through which these systems also can communicate, the ability of that IP platform rests upon the performance of its Layer 1 structured cabling infrastructure. We've produced several articles illustrating that theme, and we intend to offer you more examples in the issues ahead.

One practical reality of IP's growing prevalence as a building-system platform is that some level of attention will be paid to the structured cabling system by individuals in an organization who never before had to think about it. These individuals might be property owners or managers, facilities professionals who never really entered the world of "IT" before (or certainly not down to the level of its cabling), or any number of other disciplines. In many cases, the building systems these professionals have long cared for are making the migration to IP. The underlying cabling system is becoming a fact of life for them, whether they like it or not.

And, very likely in many cases, they will for the first time have professional interaction with those who specify, design, install and manage structured cabling systems. These interactions will be their all-important first impressions of the trade that you have turned into a career. When you do well in such a circumstance, you most certainly are doing good. The cabling industry is put forth as one of professionalism and integrity. By contrast, if your first interaction with such a professional comes after that person has had a bad experience with a cabling project, part of your job becomes to elevate the profession's status from a low point.

But you're up to the task. You're doing well. You're doing good. ::

Chief Editor

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