MRV joins CableLabs in DPoE spec advancement for EPON optical infrastructure

Aug. 25, 2011
DPoE specifications define the methods for EPON equipment to be provisioned using DOCSIS systems and service concepts in support of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) defined standards.

MRV Communications, a provider of optical communications network infrastructure equipment and integration and managed services, announced the participation of its Optical Communications Systems division (MRV-OCS) in the third installment of interoperability trials with CableLabs for the DPoE (DOCSIS Provisioning of Ethernet Passive Optical Network - EPON) specifications.

The trials test the ability of Carrier Ethernet access systems to interoperate with other devices in end-to-end networking scenarios.

DPoE specifications define the methods for EPON equipment to be provisioned using DOCSIS systems and service concepts in support of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) defined standards for simplified Metro Ethernet services. Through a series of interoperability testing events, CableLabs featured several combinations of IP and Ethernet equipment from multiple suppliers to create a DPoE network that spans across multiple MSOs (multiple systems operators) and is cost-effective, reduces deployment time, and increases network reliability.

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“In order to meet the enormous demand for additional bandwidth, many MSOs are expanding into Carrier Ethernet business services and mobile Ethernet backhaul services. The ability to interconnect Carrier Ethernet services across multiple MSOs is a crucial element in successful network expansion and the CableLabs trials highlight the multi-vendor interoperability needed to deliver these services,” comments Zeev Draer, Vice President, Strategic Marketing for MRV-OCS.

The specification interoperability event marks MRV-OCS's third CableLabs DPoE interoperability trial where the company will showcase its OptiSwitch Carrier Ethernet Access solution. The platform can be deployed over an EPON using the providers’ current DOCSIS back office and offers service providers a full suite of business and wholesale Ethernet services, mobile Ethernet backhaul capabilities and superior, hardware-based Ethernet operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) tools.

Draer added, “We proactively participate in CableLabs interoperability events to demonstrate the OptiSwitch’s best-in-class functionality and MEF-powered capabilities that enable new revenue-generating business services and advanced backhaul networks. Together we’re not only ensuring end-to-end infrastructure compatibility, but also enabling MSOs to invest in a future-proof network while offering enhanced MEF-compliant services that business subscribers require.”

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