1394 Trade Association seminar updates on FireWire developments

Latest developments in FireWire technology include longer distances, faster speeds, and smaller connector options.

The 1394 Trade Association announced that it will hold a comprehensive seminar outlining the latest advances in IEEE 1394 (FireWire) technology, including presentations on long distance FireWire, demonstrations of 1.6 Gigabit/second technology, and newly proposed mini-connector packaging.

The seminar, entitled “Faster, Further, and Smaller,” is set for July 12 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Among the presenting companies are Allion Test Labs, Comoss Ltd, DAP Technology, Eqcologic Corp., LSI and TC Electronics.

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Topics at the seminar will include the following: higher 1394b Speeds and their applications; the 1394 Mini-Connector - the proposal and its benefits; 1394b in storage systems, including the benefits of Using 1394 with PCI Express; new coaxial cable solutions using 1394; 1394's advantages in audio applications; 1394b compliance update

The seminar will also address recent achievements and future growth in the technology, including an update and overview of 1394 in consumer products, computers, and industrial automation applications. There also will be demonstrations of the latest high speed and long distance FireWire capabilities, along with high performance 1394-based audio products and other systems.

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For complete details, visit http://www.1394ta.org/events/Q32011_TechSeminar.html

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