All-weather IP network camera

For outdoor IP video surveillance applications, Toshiba's IP66-rated model IK-WB80A IP network camera eliminates the need for a protective enclosure.

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Toshiba's IK-WB80A is a ruggedized IP video surveillance camera built to withstand environmental extremes of heat, cold, moisture, and vandalism, all without the need to purchase any extra protective enclosure. The camera's metallic housing meets demanding IP66 international standards, meaning it can be deployed outside in any type of weather. The manufacturer claims the camera's "imposing Toshiba housing conveys the presence of the highest level of video security available to would-be thieves or vandals, helping to deter crime."

Toshiba says it engineered the IK-WB80A with high-quality video surveillance in mind. The camera features a two-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor and a Vari-focal lens with 3x optical/4x digital zoom. The resulting 1600 x 1200 resolution captures large outdoor spaces, such as a parking lot or office entrance way, to give users a single large image rather than having to juggle multiple video streams from several lower resolution IP cameras.

For superior night-time viewing the camera features IR illuminators effective up to 75 feet in complete darkness, along with a true day/night IR cut filter. Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity lets the camera be powered using the same Ethernet cable as the data, simplifying outdoor installations and giving more options for camera mounting.

Other key features of the IK-WB80A IP network camera include: dual MPEG4/MJPEG video streaming for simultaneous viewing and recording; a built-in slot for SD and SDHC memory cards to record "at camera"; tamper and motion detection with email alerts; two-way audio for on-site communications; privacy masking.

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