HomePNA adds Technicolor as new member

Technicolor is a technology supplier to the satellite, cable and telecommunication industries.

The HomePNA Alliance announced that Technicolor, a technology supplier in the media and entertainment sector, has joined the organization.

“We are pleased that Technicolor, as a pioneer and long-term leader in the satellite, cable and telecommunication industries, has joined HomePNA,” says Eran Gureshnik, HomePNA president. “Their membership demonstrates the strong and continuing demand from service providers for HomePNA capability in products that target the digital home and IPTV with triple-play services.”

Over 30 million HomePNA-certified products have been shipped to telco, satellite, and cable service providers worldwide. HomePNA is an ITU Standard (G.9954) and is included in the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. HomePNA-certified products include IP set-top boxes, residential gateways, optical network terminals, Ethernet to HomePNA bridges, MDU masters and CPE, commercial test/installation equipment and OEM modules.

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“By joining HomePNA, we have got access to the Alliance’s technology, support and certification resources critical to delivering HomePNA-enabled products to our customers,” comments Michel Rahier, President of Connected Home, Technicolor.

HomePNA members benefit from the technical support, development, standardization and certification that HomePNA provides. Members also benefit from a support structure that helps decrease the learning curve and can help minimize the costs for service providers in deploying HomePNA products. HomePNA members are listed here, on the Alliance's website.

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