Amphenol perfects QSFP InfiniBand cable design

New Quad SFP passive copper cable assemblies said to "represent the pinnacle" of the company's proprietary high-speed copper interconnect design methodology.

Amphenol (NYSE: APH) has expanded its line of high-speed copper interconnect products with the release of a new class of QDR InfiniBand qualified QSFP cables now available at its exclusive online subsidiary, The new QSFP (Quad SFP) passive copper cable assemblies represent the pinnacle of Amphenol’s high-speed interconnect design methodology, claims the company, combining a superior die-cast “board-as-connector” platform with proprietary Spectra-Strip SKEWCLEAR shielded parallel pair wire.

Specifically optimized for bandwidth-intense applications, the QSFP interface offers the scalability and flexibility required to support emerging 40-Gbps communications standards such as QDR InfiniBand and 40-Gigabit Ethernet. Amphenol’s precision-engineered QDR InfiniBand qualified QSFP cable series is manufactured by Amphenol High Speed Interconnects (AHSI) of Endicott, New York.

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Amphenol’s extensive experience with the design and manufacture of InfiniBand compliant interconnect systems has proven pivotal to the development of its new QDR InfiniBand Qualified QSFP Cable series according to Nick Blas, Product Marketing Manager for Amphenol Cables on Demand.

Said Blas, “Amphenol has a rich legacy of participation in InfiniBand Trade Association sponsored events, including the twice-annual IBTA Plugfest. This strategic partnership has earned Amphenol's InfiniBand products several prominent slots on the coveted IBTA Integrators List, a list of products which are tested and accepted by the IBTA as being compliant with the InfiniBand architecture specification."

Several critical design elements from Amphenol’s QDR InfiniBand qualified QSFP cable series have been specifically optimized to handle Quad Data Rate (QDR) signal-sets at 40.0 Gbps; including the PCB layout, wire selection, die-cast backshell, EEPROM programming and manufacturing processes.

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Blas emphasized, “In order to receive the official 40G-IB-QDR CERTIFIED stamp of approval from the InfiniBand Trade Association, performance characteristics such as cross-talk, EMI, and insertion-loss must be tightly controlled. Amphenol has thoroughly addressed these issues by embracing its long-held culture of engineering excellence from concept-to-production.”

The Amphenol QDR InfiniBand qualified QSFP cables can be purchased factory direct through the Cables on Demand website. 1m (3.3 ft), 2m (6.6 ft), 3m (9.8 ft) and 5m (16.4 ft) cable lengths are presently in-stock. Additional length options and custom configurations, such as cables with integrated active band limiting amplification, may be quoted upon request.

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