Scottish Utility deploys IP security system

March 8, 2009 -- Pointer Limited installed IndigoVision's Control Center system across four existing sites and a new central control room at ScottishPower's Cathcart House headquarters.

March 8, 2009 -- ScottishPower, one of the United Kingdom's largest utility companies, recently deployed a complete Internet Protocol (IP) video system as the centerpiece of its multi-site integrated security system. That's the report from IndigoVision, manufacturer of the IP video system that ScottishPower is using.

The system integrates closed-circuit television, intruder alarms, intercoms, and control of gates, barriers, and doors through IndigoVision's "Control Center" IP video and alarm management software. The system was installed by Pointer Limited, an IndigoVision-approved partner, across four existing sites and in a new central control room at ScottishPower's headquarters.

Control Center workstations can be located at any point on the IP network and can view live and recorded video from any camera.

The intruder security systems use Honeywell Galaxy panels, which are fully integrated with the control Center over the IP network, IndigoVision says. This integration allows improved operator efficiency and incident response, the company adds. Control-room personnel at ScottishPower's Cathcart House headquarters and locally at each site can talk to site personnel using IP intercoms, which are also fully integrated into the Control Center platform.

The utility's original CCTV systems were standalone and could not be viewed remotely from other sites, but ScottishPower now has a flexible and scalable solution that can be expanded in the future, IndigoVision reports.

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