Enterprise video addressed in technology brief

Despite advancements in compression technology, video can still consume significant bandwidth.

A four-page technology paper from Fluke Networks can serve as a primer for network managers who anticipate video applications running over their network sometime in the future. The paper points out that according to a recent survey conducted by Cisco Systems, video applications are coming soon for many network managers. As described in the Fluke Networks document, the Cisco study concluded that by 2013, 55 percent of all corporate traffic would be video.

An Introduction to Video in the Enterprise focuses on the basics of enterprise video. It defines the four major types of video found in IP networks: IPTV, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Videoconferencing.

The technology brief also confronts three specific challenges posed by the anticipated proliferation of video on corporate networks.

  1. Video often consumes vast amounts of bandwidth when compared to conventional data applications, despite the advances of H.264 compression technology.
  2. Video technologies vary considerably in the way that they are transported over IP.
  3. Because of such variability, the effect of network problems on video output can also vary.

Fluke Networks is offering the technology brief as a free download to anyone who supplies their contact information.

Download the technology brief entitled An Introduction to Video in the Enterprise.

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