Avago demos fully compliant 120 Gbps CXP optical transceiver at SC10

Nov. 19, 2010
The Avago CXP optical transceivers are compliant to both IBTA Infiniband MSA specifications for CXP QDRx12 and IEEE 100GBASE-S10 specifications.

NEW ORLEANS -- At the Super Computing 2010 conference, Avago Technologies (NASDAQ: AVGO) demonstrated what it called the industry’s first CXP parallel optic transceiver that is fully-compliant to industry standards.

The 12-channel CXP transceivers support lane rates of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) for an aggregate bandwidth of up to 120 Gbps. The hot-pluggable modules feature an industry-compliant MTP multi-fiber push on (MPO) receptacle for removable fiber cable connectors. This allows flexible cable management at installation, simplifying design and lowering cost for high-performance computing, switch fabric and other short-range data and communication interconnect applications.

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The Avago CXP optical transceivers are compliant to both IBTA MSA specifications for CXP QDRx12 and IEEE 100GBASE-S10 specifications. The modules incorporate the company’s 850-nm Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology, PIN array technology and integrated laser driver and receiver IC technology, which combine to provide robust electrical and optical performance at high data rates.

Programmable equalization and de-emphasis for each of the modules’ lanes optimize the signal integrity performance for an edge mount solution and long PCB trace lengths. With superior jitter performance, the modules provide 10 Gbps performance per lane for up to 100 meters using OM3 fiber or 150 meters using OM4 fiber.

“Our CXP transceiver works with separate cabling to offer a pay-as-you-go fiber optic solution with lower total cost of ownership and easier installation,” said Tina Ohlhaver, marketing manager for fiber optic products at Avago.

She added, “Avago has over a decade of experience in developing 12-channel parallel optic solutions, and we are leveraging this expertise and investment in building block technologies to support our customers with both standards-based and custom proprietary solutions. We are pleased to demonstrate this breadth in technology and innovation leadership with our parallel optics portfolio here at SC10.”

At SC10, Avago demonstrated its CXP form-factor technology in an Infiniband switch connected to its QSFP+ transceiver technology for 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications, in addition to demonstrating other high-speed optical fiber solutions.

Information about Avago is available on the Web at www.avagotech.com.

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