Edgecore adds 10GBASE-T capability to TigerStack L3 switches

The company's 10GBASE-T uplink module (SMC10BTMOD) will enable dual 10G uplink capabilities and non-blocking stacking on the company's TigerStack 1000 26- and 50-port SMC89-series managed switches.

IRVINE, Calif. -- Edgecore Networks, a joint venture between LG-Nortel and Accton, announced that it will enable partners to deliver full 10G performance to meet customer demands for the use of installed Cat 6a infrastructure with the launch of its 10GBASE-T uplink module (SMC10BTMOD). The SMC10BTMOD will enable dual 10G uplink capabilities and non-blocking stacking on the company's existing flagship family of TigerStack 1000 26- and 50-port SMC89-series managed switches.

Edgecore's TigerStack 1000 high-performance stackable Layer 3 switch platform was designed to be upgradeable to enable channel partners to easily install and deploy software and hardware enhancements. Central to Edgecore's switch strategy is the ability to provide platforms that deliver performance and reliability while allowing technology updates to ensure a longer in-service timeframe. The latest 10GBASE-T module is validation of that strategy as it provides partners with the ability to migrate part or all of a customer's infrastructure to 10G utilizing the existing RJ-45 infrastructure. With the decline in Cat6a infrastructure cabling and increase in its use, Edgecore is growing its role as a key strategic partner for its channel partners by providing tools that create upgrade and solution expansion opportunities.

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In addition to supporting the industry-leading 10GBASE-T module, the TigerStack II 1000 incorporates four combination SFP and two special stacking ports that allow greater than 10G stacking capabilities for a non-blocking switch architecture, Edgecore's 89-Series switches were designed to enable the full use of all ports. Unlike other performance switches where ports are lost when the 10G uplinks are enabled or the front SFP ports are used, the 89-Series was designed for full use of all ports, adding unparalleled flexibility that provides partners and datacenter customers with the maximum possible port usage in a slim 1RU product design. The highly efficient design also comes with the 10G Stacking ports built-in so stacking only requires a cable, supporting, Edgecore's strategy to enable the partner and customer to maximize their investments for the best total cost of ownership.

"As business applications become more intensive and network-connected technologies such as video conferencing and IP telephony enjoy increasing adoption among businesses of all sizes, the demand is increasing exponentially for network infrastructures that can deliver the performance, reliability and quality of service required to deploy these cost-saving technologies," stated Iain Kenney, director of product marketing at Edgecore. "By launching our 10GBASE-T solution, which is comprised of our high-performance switches and state-of-the-art 10GBASE-T uplink module, we're making it easy and affordable for companies to migrate to 10G speeds utilizing their existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure. This enables them to vastly improve network performance while eliminating the cost of rewiring buildings and, ultimately, lowers the total cost of ownership."

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"The objective of the TigerStack II 1000 (89-Series) is to create a platform that can grow as our partners and their customers grow," explained Keith Alexis, senior vice president at Edgecore. "Many businesses may not need a 10GBASE-T uplink today, but future needs can change as a business expands. Moreover, as future server performance becomes more enhanced and less costly with 10G Lan-on-Motherboard options, or as larger 10GBASE-T aggregation switches become readily available, the ability to upgrade existing infrastructure becomes critical. This switch family ensures partners that they can install it today and know that Edgecore will support new cutting edge technology, allowing them to grow their business, service and support for a long time to come."

Alexis continued, "For instance, the new SMC8926EM and SMC8950EM switches, equipped with the SMC10BTMOD, provides users with a high-performance, feature-rich infrastructure that will provide a reliable, secure, performance-oriented platform upon which companies can dependably run bandwidth-intensive applications such as voice communications, video editing and conferencing, streaming media and other large file transfers. These new switches and Layer 3 distribution points support our upcoming line of unified communications solutions and enterprise-class wireless infrastructure solutions. Edgecore is focused on delivering complete network solutions for SMBs and Enterprises and our new switches and 10GBASE-T module are key components of that vision."

Edgecore portfolio of performance networking solutions will be demonstrated next week at Interop 2010 in Las Vegas at Edgecore's booth (#2313). For more information, visit Edgecore Networks at: http://www.edgecorenetworks.com/.

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