Configuring multiple network video recorders as a single system

April 19, 2010
A free firmware upgrade from JVC features a master/slave configuration that makes the configuration possible.

Firmware recently introduced by JVC Professional Products features a master/slave configuration that allows multiple network video recorders (NVRs) to be connected over a network in tandem without using a PC. The new master/slave configuration that is part of the Version 5.2 firmware upgrade for JVC's VR-N900U and VR-N1600U NVRs creates an integrated monitoring system that essentially expands an existing network without replacing equipment. Users can connect multiple NVRs and share resources between them.

As an example, a camera connected to one NVR can be monitored through other NVRs, or remote users can see images from multiple NVRs on a single screen. The new configuration does not require any additional software or camera licenses, JVC explained, and each NVR records images locally or to network attached storage. The Version 5.2 firmware is a free upgrade to JVC's VR-N900U and VR-N1600U NVRs.

Those who use SNMP software to monitor network-attached devices can benefit from the firmware upgrade's tools used to manage network traffic and device performance. Users can provide status of NVR recording, CPU operation, and camera connection status. A capability called Dynamic DNS allows users to use the host names rather than IP addresses to connect remotely.

"This firmware upgrade provides an out-of-the-box enterprise solution for the entire installed base of JVC NVRs at no additional cost to our cusomters," explained Geoff Anderson, JVC marketing and brand manager for security products. "Our license-free approach helps customers manage their budgets and drives down total cost of ownership."

The firmware also offers preinstalled drivers for several of JVC's cameras as well as Axis Communications' 209FD network cameras. "Hundreds of other cameras and network devices are easily integrated with the JVC system with a few mouse clicks," the company said. "Meny navigation has also been improved for easier setup."

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