Panduit approves Anritsu optical tester for media converter install certification

Feb. 4, 2021
Panduit has approved Anritsu's Network Master Pro MT1000A optical transport tester to verify compliance of installation for the Panduit OneMode-Link passive media converters.
Anritsu Corp.
Anritsu's Network Master Pro MT1000A
Anritsu's Network Master Pro MT1000A

Anritsu Company recently announced that Panduit Corp. recommends the Anritsu Network Master Pro MT1000A to conduct the analysis necessary to certify that the Panduit OneMode-Link passive media converters have been installed into high-speed networks properly.

The certification test with the MT1000A ensures the installation meets Panduit’s warranty requirements. Anritsu says its lightweight, compact, battery-powered, and easy-to-use MT1000A simplifies OneMode-Link installation certification measurements via its simple Panduit OneMode-button operation that allows installers of any skill level to operate the optical transport tester to its full potential.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with Anritsu in developing this automated test for OneMode-Link. This effort expedites installation, as well as provides comprehensive and accurate results to give customers confidence that OneMode-Link extends the life of their multimode fiber backbone,” said Tom Kovanic, business development manager, Panduit Ventures.

Panduit’s OneMode-Link is a passive media converter that allows the deployment of up to 100 Gbps and higher using existing multimode fibers. It achieves this level of performance by eliminating modal dispersion. The product provides a flexible and affordable solution that reduces the investment to upgrade cabling infrastructure, contends the company.

Regardless of network topology, Panduit notes its OneMode-Link media converter can transport 10 Gbps or greater data speeds and can support evolutions in network traffic without long, complex, and expensive new deployment. "With OneMode-Link, the need to trench, rip and replace, or deploy air blown fiber to upgrade network infrastructure is eliminated," adds the company.

For its part, Anritsu says itds Network Master Pro MT1000A provides everything needed to install and maintain communication networks in a rugged, field portable package. The MT1000A is a multi-function tester that can be configured with an array of transport testing functions and OTDR modules to ensure field professionals have the tools needed today plus the expandability for future technologies – all of which are field upgradeable. 

The device simplifies collecting and interpreting data with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users of any skill level to operate the instrument to its full potential.

“We are excited to partner with Panduit to provide a custom automated test specific to Panduit OneMode-Link installation test requirements. The Anritsu MT1000A optical transport tester provides Panduit-certified installers with an intuitive, robust test solution capable of measuring and reporting a customer’s new Panduit OneMode-Link network deployment,” said Daniel Gonzalez, business development manager, Anritsu Company.

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