GL launches mTOP Probe portable tester for TDM, optical, and packet networks

Feb. 28, 2022
GL Communications says its Multiple TDM Optical and Packet (mTOP) Probe hardware platform's remote access capabilities make it suitable for field testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting network conditions.

Telecom test and measurement specialist GL Communications Inc. in January launched its Multiple TDM Optical and Packet (mTOP) Probe hardware platform.

Optimized for TDM, optical and packet multi-interface testing, the company says the platform's compact design features portability, and remote accessibility, making it suitable for field testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting network conditions.

“GL's mTOP Probe version is an all-in-one, self-contained test instrument," explained Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications. "The comprehensive mTOP Probe hardware unit is designed for portability and can be placed in a backpack. It can house any of GL's popular testing devices such as the PacketExpert, tProbe (T1 E1), USB T3 E3, and Dual UTA HDs, along with a controlling Windows PC within a single box."

The platform provides flexibility in running multiple interface tests from a single mTOP Probe portable unit, and contains USB and HDMI interfaces for local access.

"The internal computer within the mTOP Probe includes an Intel Processor, either i3 or i7, with Windows 10 64-bit Pro Operating System, minimal 8G RAM and 256G SSD," added Kulkarni. "It also has an Ethernet port for remote access via Remote Desktop Protocol. Additionally, an external Wi-Fi adaptor is also available, which can be plugged to USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports on the rear panel of the unit supporting wireless connectivity."

GL also offers mTOP rackmount variant, which can house any combination of USB-based test equipment (TDM/optical/packet). Combinations of such USB test equipment can be easily deployed and securely fixed to an equipment rack to provide scalability for testing end-to-end multi-interface networks.

Automation and remote accessibility capabilities are supported via scripting and Ethernet remote desktop support. Real-time results are presented per port and all-port basis in both tabular as well as graphical formats. All test results, measurements can be sent to centralized database. Learn more.

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