QR codes speed test result transfer for handheld fiber-optic, Ethernet, CATV testers

Feb. 16, 2023
VeEX has launched its QR code-based NoApp test results transfer capability. The company says QR code test results transfer will soon be available in most of its field testers.

Communications test equipment specialist VeEX Inc. reports that it will offer a new test result transfer feature on its handheld fiber-optic, Ethernet, and CATV test instruments. Called NoApp, the patent-pending technology leverages Quick Response (QR) codes to enable robust field test record submission. The company says NoApp will be available across most of the field test platforms in the near future.

As noted by VeEX, service providers are under intense pressure to install FTTx, DOCSIS and 5G networks as fast as possible; this pressure invariably impacts their ability to collect and submit valuable field test records of work performed and completed. Additionally, low cost field testers have basic data entry facilities only, and lack the modern interfaces needed to transfer, share or upload test data.

The use of QR codes means technicians can employ a smartphone or any mobile device's camera and QR code reader to scan the QR code displayed on the VeEX tester’s screen after the measurement is performed and saved. The NoApp cloud service then processes the QR code information, providing instant access to all measurement parameters on the mobile device.

Technicians also can augment reports by entering additional job attributes, comments, and pictures, as well as tag results with GPS coordinates obtained from the mobile device. Users can send the test records via text or email to a supervisor for review; they also can upload and archive the records in VeEX’s VeSion R-Server workflow and asset management system by leveraging the phone’s internet connection or WiFi.

Monica Hua, product manager of VeEX’s PON product portfolio, remarked:

“QR codes coupled with VeEX’s NoApp web-hosted service provide free, fast, and reliable access to valuable test data without having to rely on a wired or wireless connection with the tester. This is not only a huge time-saver, but it eliminates technicians having to perform constant app updates for everchanging iOS and Android operating systems.”

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