VeEX intros compact FL41 Optical Fault Locator for versatile fiber verification

April 3, 2023
VeEX says its FL41 Optical Fault Locator is applicable in a variety of fiber verification scenarios, including measuring PON drop fibers and short fibers in LAN/WAN applications.
VeEX, Inc.
The VeEX FL41 Optical Fault Locator
The VeEX FL41 Optical Fault Locator

Network test and measurement specialst VeEX Inc. has announced the availability of its FL41 Optical Fault Locator. As reckoned by the company, optimized for for service activation and maintenance functions, the pocket-sized, easy-to-carry FL41 allows service technicians to quickly measure the length of any fiber under 20 km, including PON drop fibers and short fibers in applications such as LAN/WAN.

With a measurement range from 60 m up to 20 km, the compact FL41 finds the "end of fiber" point for drop cables with a one-touch automatic mode that provides results in about 30 seconds.

After the fiber length is verified, users can check signal strength with an optional built-in broadband Optical Power Meter (OPM) with calibrated wavelengths of 1310/1490/1550/1625, or pair the FL41 with a VeEX light source to measure link loss.

Notably, the FL41 uses the patent-pending NoApp QR code feature from VeEX to transfer saved measurement results to any smartphone or tablet to generate customized reports, upload to the cloud or share with customers and clients - all without having to download any specialized apps.

Other FL41 key features include: single mode cable length verification; and optional In-Service testing with built-in filter

Nick Wissman, product marketing engineer, fiber optics solutions at VeEX, remarked:

“The new FL41 Optical Fault Locator is a simple, portable, and affordable solution to measure cable length for verification and fault location without the need for multiple devices. Its one-touch length measurement, optional broadband OPM, and patent-pending NoApp QR code transfer are all contained in a low-cost lightweight package, making it an easy addition to any testing toolkit.”

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