Pocket-sized Ethernet cable tester

May 2, 2023
Softing says its CableMaster 210 is unlike other low-cost pocket-sized cable testers because it doesn’t look ‘like a science project.’
Cable Master210 (1)

Softing recently added the CableMaster 210 to its portfolio of cabling- and network-test products. With an MSRP under $100, the pocket-sized tester joins Softing’s WireXpert, FiberXpert, NetXpert XG2, and LinkXpert test systems.

“Most cable testers less than $100 are large and have LED readouts that look more like science projects,” commented Deane Horn, Softing’s director of marketing. “The CableMaster 210 is a professional cable tester, distinguished from other cable testers by its large LCD, backlit display that makes results easy to see and understand, and by its remote that neatly docks inside the local tester, making this an economical solution that fits in your pocket.”

The CableMaster 210 solution includes a local and remote cable tester to connect to each end of the cable for troubleshooting Ethernet cabling, or for testing cabling after installation. A technician presses an “OK” button to begin testing. Results show pass/fail, a wiremap diagram, shorts, opens, miswires, and cable length. CableMaster 210 also includes a tone generator—compatible with the company’s Cable Probe tone receiver—for finding wires in cable bundles.

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