Fluke Networks touts 100M LinkWare Live cloud-based cable certification uploads

May 18, 2023
Fluke Networks reports that its LinkWare Live cloud-based cable certification service for ICT project management has now surpassed 100 million report uploads.

Fluke Networks reports that its LinkWare Live cloud-based cable certification service for ICT project management has now surpassed 100 million report uploads. The manufacturer notes that cable system certification via LinkWare Live verifies network integrity and ensures manufacturer warranty compliance.

As reckoned by the company, network certification testing demonstrates networks are installed correctly and meet manufacturer warranty requirements, providing contractors with proof that their work was done correctly. The LinkWare Live cloud-connected cable certification platform allows contractors to manage test results and equipment, as well as generate reports.

 Per a Fluke Networks press release, in April, the platform passed a significant milestone in that, since launch, more than 100 million test results have been uploaded.

Value proposition

LinkWare Live is an included feature for Fluke Networks’ customers (and their customers) and works with the company’s Versiv product line to certify the performance of installed copper and fiber links. It provides a complete solution for contractors managing the process of certifying installed cabling, including:

According to the company, with the platform's centralized tester setup, project managers can define the tests in advance for technicians on one or more testers remotely, keeping any miscommunications to a minimum, helping to eliminate mistakes and errors made by technicians operating in the field.

Meanwhile, for management of cable identifiers, with LinkWare Live, cable IDs can be set up centrally and loaded to remote testers, along with labelers from Brady, Brother, Dymo, and Epson, ensuring consistent labeling and reporting.

Also, with the platform's capability for remote uploads of results, results can be uploaded from field testers via Wi-Fi, eliminating the drive back to the office and the risk of loss from accidental erasure or theft, as noted by the manufacturer.

Uploaded results are assigned to the correct job, saving administrative work in the office. Managers can track job progress from their mobile phones, keeping things on track. Finally, LinkWare Live tracks the last known location and calibration status of each tester, for effective asset management.

“The rapid growth of LinkWare Live — up over 30 percent in the last 12 months — validates the far-reaching benefits it is giving contractors on a consistent basis,” said Mark Mullins, product marketing manager and founding member of Fluke Networks. “It enables them to work more efficiently and saves operational costs in the certification process and provides their customers with assurance that the network complies with manufacturer warranty requirements.”

For more information, visit https://www.flukenetworks.com/linkwarelive.

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