AEM adds OTDR test capability to TestPro and NSA platforms

May 25, 2023
Tier-2 certification and additional troubleshooting functionality now available through OTDR adapters.
AEM Precision Test
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AEM Precision Test now offers optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) test capability through adapters for its TestPro and Network Service Assistant (NSA) platforms. With these new OTDR test adapters, TestPro provides additional troubleshooting functionality, along with Tier-2 certification capability.

“The OTDR gives technicians in the field the ability to easily pinpoint the location of broken fiber or other loss events causing an optical-loss test to fail,” the explained when announcing the new capability on May 23. The company announced the adapters during the May 23 episode of Tech Talk With Steve, an online show during which AEM Precision Test’s product and customer care manager Steve Cowles discusses information and communications technology (ICT) technical issues. On the show, Cowles covers testing but also a wide variety of other topics. Recent episodes have covered subjects including hybrid powered fiber cable, Single Pair Ethernet, deploying security devices, and smart buildings.

“TestPro provides the most comprehensive coverage for practically all test needs of cable installers, ranging from Cat 5e through Cat 8 copper cable certification, Tier 1 certification for singlemode and multimode fiber, and now Tier 2 fiber certification with the introduction of OTDR adapters,” said Harshang Pandya, general manager for AEM Precision Cable Test. “Our customers get convenience and cost savings from being able to choose any test functionality with small detachable test adapters. Beyond the testing itself, our customers can manage all types of test reports for a project seamlessly using our TestDataPro report management software, which now also supports OTDR test reporting.”

The OTDR test adapters are available in product kit offerings. Existing customers can purchase standalone adapters to be added to any TestPro or NSA. A complimentary firmware update for the test platform is required; it can be downloaded from the MyAccount section of the company’s website.

Several kits are available.

  • TESTPRO K21E-MM, TESTPRO K21E-SM, and TESTPRO K21E-QD are OTDR-only test kits
  • TESTPRO K41E provides full Tier-2 fiber certification capability including loss, length, and OTDR for both singlemode and multimode cables
  • TESTPRO K71E is a super-technician kit that includes copper and Tier-2 fiber certification, together with multi-gig, PoE, and network-test capabilities

For existing customers of TestPro or Network Service Assistant, the standalone test adapter models are AD-OTDR-MM and AD-OTDR-SM.

The adapters are available now from AEM’s global distribution channel. You can visit this website to find a distribution channel near you.

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