Fluke Networks adds 802.11ac functionality to network troubleshooting tools

Nov. 16, 2015
The OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet and the OneTouch AT Generation 2 Network Assistant provide 802.11ac visibility for network engineers and technicians.

Fluke Networks recently added 802.11ac functionality to two of its tools used by network engineers and technicians—the OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet and the OneTouch AT Generation 2 Network Assistant. Both tools are now available with new 802.11ac functionality.

When announcing these new capabilities, Fluke Networks explained that the “OptiView XG is the first tablet specifically designed for the network engineer. It automates root-cause analysis of both wired and wireless network and application problems, saving the engineer significant time and effort. The new version of OptiView XG comes with the full suite of AirMagnet Mobile tools already built in.”

"People increasingly judge the quality of a network by wireless access performance." - Daryle DeBalski, VP/GM, Fluke Networks enterprise solutions

It added that the OneTouch AT is “an automated handheld tester that network technicians use to troubleshoot both Ethernet and WiFi network performance in real time by validating connectivity, service availability and path performance.”

Daryle DeBalski, vice president and general manager of Fluke Networks’ enterprise solutions, commented, “People increasingly judge the quality of a network by wireless access performance. If users experience a slow WiFi network, or they can’t connect to it, or they keep losing the connection, their frustration mounts and the entire network becomes suspect. A faster wireless technology standard like 802.11ac offers significant upside, but only if IT teams can keep the network running at optimal levels. Our expanded support for 802.11ac gives IT leaders peace of mind, knowing their teams can quickly find and fix any wired or wireless performance issue to maximize end-user experience.”

The company added, “The 802.11ac wireless standard promises to triple the speed of WiFi network connections, but unless the entire network infrastructure—both wired and wireless—can handle those speeds, end users aren’t likely to experience the full benefit of 802.11ac. Organizations upgrading to the faster standard need a holistic way to plan, analyze and troubleshoot the entire network infrastructure, rather than relying on multiple-point solutions to test separate components of the network. Fluke Networks enterprise solutions puts organizations back in control of the performance of their entire IT landscape and the user experience it provides—regardless of whether services are running on wired or wireless networks.”

Visit Fluke Networks’ resource page for 802.11ac support.

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