AirScout helps service provider sharply reduce WiFi repeat truck rolls

June 27, 2016
Greenlee Communications’ AirScout distributed WiFi test system has brought down repeat truck rolls by two thirds.

Greenlee Communications recently stated that the use of its AirScout distributed WiFi test system has allowed a North American service provider to reduce its WiFi-related repeat truck rolls by more than two thirds. The service provider began using AirScout as part of its WiFi installation and repair service process after it had been experiencing a high rate of repeat truck rolls because of WiFi-related issues. Repeat truck rolls have declined 66-percent-plus, Greenlee says, since AirScout became part of the process.

“The AirScout test solution is the only distributed test system on the market for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of WiFi services,” Greenlee said. “Utilizing multiple sensors, the system creates a heat map of the WiFi user experience so that the technician can properly set up WiFi services for the customer. Rather than just presenting signal levels and channel graphs, the system intelligently selects the best channel, the optimal access-point and range-extender locations, and provides application-level throughput measurements that ensure the WiFi experience meets the needs of the customer. The results are then wrapped up in a ‘birth certificate’ and uploaded to the cloud for enhanced support services.”

Jason Butchko, Greenlee Communications vice president and general manager, explained, “As the number of connected devices and services continue to expand throughout our homes and businesses, our reliance on WiFi as a backbone for connectivity has grown. We’ve met with dozens of service providers around the world and the vast majority experience significant customer complaints and frustration with WiFi performance. These complaints translate into truck rolls and churn within the industry. Some forward-looking service providers have started to recognize the importance of WiFi to the customers, and equip their technicians with tools to help install WiFi properly and educate their customers about what to expect from their WiFi services. The AirScout test solution is the only distributed testing system that not only helps the technician set up and troubleshoot WiFi properly, but also educates the subscriber about where their dead zones or performance edges are within their network while providing the technician with the ability to upsell the customer to fix the problem.”

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