EXFO’s MaxTester 635G being used for Openreach’s G.fast and VDSL2 rollout

Oct. 31, 2016
The initiative by BT’s local network division, Openreach, will deliver data rates as high as 1 Gbit/sec to 25,000 premises using VDSL and G.fast.

EXFO recently announced that it will supply Openreach—BT’s local network business—with a batch of MaxTester 635G test set. “The G.fast test set can be used to install and maintain G.fast and VDSL circuits and will assist Openreach with its G.fast pilot later this year,” EXFO said. “The pilot will see ultrafast speeds provided to 25,000 premises in Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire and Gillingham, Kent.”

EXFO further explained: “G.fast is a cutting-edge technology that allows delivery of ultrafast speeds over existing fiber-to-the-cabinet lines using an extended bandwidth up to 106 MHz. This allows operators to deploy ultrafast speeds with an incredible data rate of up to 1 Gbit/sec over normal twisted-pair telecom lines. This new technology is a pillar of the strategy many operators have to take ultrafast speeds to as many homes and businesses as possible, in the fastest possible timeframe.”

The MAX-635G handheld tester is designed specifically for ultrafast broadband applications, EXFO added. It supports ITU-T G.9700 and G.9701 recommendations as well as current VDSL2 and ADSL2+ technologies and is compatible with the latest VDSL2-35b and G.fast technologies as well as previous ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL2-8/12/17/30 interfaces.

“With more than 30,000 units sold worldwide to address installation, activation, maintenance and troubleshooting applications, the new MAX-635G extends the diagnostic capabilities to VDSL2-35b and G.fast while maintaining the industry-leading usability, ease of use and ability to seamlessly integrate into operators’ OSS systems and workflow process,” EXFO noted.

Openreach’s network portfolio director, Peter Bell, commented, “G.fast builds on our existing investment in fiber and after initial trials, our G.fast pilot will see us bringing ultrafast speeds to 25,000 premises in Cherry Hinton and Gillingham in 16/17. EXFO will supply the first batch of testers, which means we are able to test and verify our ultrafast network to a high standard.”

EXFO’s test and measurement vice president, Stephane Chabot, added, “EXFO is proud to provide Openreach with best-in-class test equipment to ensure its copper and fiber infrastructure is of the highest quality. We are seeing significant interest from all our customers concerning the deployment of new G.fast technology solutions who are attracted by its ultrafast speeds, which can be achieved more economically than full fiber-to-the-home deployments.”

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