Android app controls Greenlee’s DataScout Ethernet tester

July 5, 2016
Users of the app can remote-control DataScout from 100 feet away to test 1G and 10G Ethernet, T3/E3, T1/E1 and other network protocols.

Greenlee Communications now offers an Android application that enables remote control of the company’s DataScout multi-service network analyzer. “This new Bluetooth interface and app option enables the device to be remote controlled up to 100 feet away using any Android tablet or mobile device equipped with Bluetooth,” the company said. “The DataScout can also be locally controlled via the built-in ruggedized LCD touch screen in addition to WAN remote control via a web browser.”

The DataScout tester integrates eight independent test options including dual-port 1G and 10G Ethernet, T3/E3, T1/E1, DS0, PRI-ISDN, 2W/4W Signaling-TIMA, DATACOM and DDS, Greenlee further explained.

“Service providers and utilities are integrating mobile devices into their workflow and seeking test equipment leveraging these devices,” said Ken Fridley, product manager for the Greenlee Communications branded products. “The DataScout mobile application enables technicians to work independently of their test equipment, yet still retain touch-screen command and control when working at the device.

“Technicians traditionally expect to have a touch-screen display embedded in their test device but also enjoy freedom of movement provided by mobile device control. By integrating Bluetooth technology into the DataScout 10G, technicians now have the best of all worlds. Our Bluetooth and LAN remote management options enable both onsite and remote technicians to perform testing virtually anywhere Bluetooth or network connections are available. This enhances safety by allowing techs to step out of noisy or cramped work locations as well.

“As former technicians and managers ourselves, the engineering team and I enjoy getting into the field with customers to design quality test solutions with the right combination of features required to get services provisioned quickly and confidently. The DataScout multi-service network analyzer is built by technicians, for technicians.”

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