NaviTEK NT tests and troubleshoots PoE, POTS, ISDN networks

April 25, 2016
The NaviTEK NT testers from Ideal Networks are alternatives to laptop-based testing and troubleshooting.

Ideal Networks offer NaviTEK NT testers, which the company said “are helping technicians work more productively thanks to a comprehensive new suite of testing and troubleshooting functionalities.” The testers can quickly pinpoint and solve issues in copper and fiber-optic cabling, Ideal Networks noted, adding, “Assisting the technician is a large built-in screen that displays useful information including test summaries and at-a-glance network snapshots.”

“Our NaviTEK NT was developed to respond to the real challenges that technicians and installers face when conducting network testing,” said Dan Payerle, business unit manager with Ideal Networks. “It is not only compact, flexible and functional for a range of needs, but it can be easily connected to a network using copper or fiber interfaces—adding to its versatility and value. With one push of a button it can detect services such as ISDN, POTS and PoE, plus perform wiremapping including length measurement.”

The tester is 6.9x3.1x1.6 inches in volume “so it easily fits into tight spaces where network cabling is often located,” Ideal Networks said. “Previously, laptops and other types of bulky computer systems were used to troubleshoot networks, yet both take up valuable working space in already-cramped connection points. Laptops also create the need for extra cables, which contribute to an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous workplace. Not so with the NaviTEK NT.”

Payerle added, “This tester provides technicians with a convenient and more-efficient alternative to network troubleshooting using a laptop, as well as a faster way of detecting link and IP information.”

NaviTEK NT testers also feature autotest capability for convenient initial testing, Netscan to display all IP and MAC addresses on the user’s network, and Network Probe to provide a visual illustration of the user’s network.

“Once tests are complete, results can be downloaded from the NaviTEK NT to an Android or Apple mobile device via the free Ideal AnyWARE wireless app,” Ideal Networks said. “Technicians can share finished PDF reports with colleagues and clients without ever having to involve a laptop or computer.”

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