Sunrise Telecom unveils modular RxT network test platform for increased field productivity

March 30, 2011
The RxT delivers connectivity in the field, and integrates with Sunrise Telecom’s realGATE workflow optimization system.

Sunrise Telecom announced its RxT smart productivity test platform, designed to modernize the field workforce to deliver performance and competitive advantages for communication service providers (CSPs). The company says this fully connected, workflow-optimized, smart productivity test platform can improve field productivity for telecom, cable, and mobile operators. A single smart device, the RxT may help CSPs reduce CAPEX/OPEX and deliver high-quality subscriber services.

With the expansion of modern communication services, networks have become more complex and overloaded creating test and measurement challenges for CSPs, explains a company spokesperson. The main issues in the field include: the demand for a broader set of skills for field technicians, the need for multiple pieces of expensive equipment in the field, and the ability to complete a job in just one visit. These hurdles impact the productivity levels needed for CSPs to reduce cost, while improving quality and retaining customers amid competition.

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“The RxT tackles both the technical and business challenges of CSPs leading to a quantum leap in workforce productivity improvement, reduction in operating cost and improvement in customer retention,” says Bahaa Moukadam, Sunrise Telecom CEO.

The RxT delivers connectivity in the field, and integrates with Sunrise Telecom’s realGATE workflow optimization system. Field technicians can e-mail and upload results, access the Web, and transfer files with its Wi-Fi connection, eliminating the need to carry a laptop.

The tester's design is a single, lightweight, compact platform that is portable and rugged. Its graphical user interface (GUI) with built-in training widgets helps tackle daunting new technologies and reduce training time for technicians. The RxT is capable of quickly verifying a wide range of advanced technologies--all within a single modular handheld device.

The RxT also optimizes workflow with the RxT realACCESS widget, enabling managers to remotely access the unit and offer guidance to the workforce from anywhere, anytime through a Web browser or smartphone.

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