Test tool for business Ethernet service

JDSU says its SAMComplete delivers repeatable and rapid pass/fail results.

JDSU's SAMComplete (Service Activation Methodology) is an automated testing tool used for Ethernet service activation. It is part of JDSU's J-Complete tool set, which includes testing technologies for mobile backhaul and business Ethernet networks.

According to JDSU, SAMComplete delivers repeatable and rapid pass/fail results for activating multiple Ethernet-based services.

"Our J-Complete automated tool set supports evolutionary standards such as Y.1564 so our customers can test faster while lowering their operational expenses," said Dr. Lars Friedrich, vice president and general manager in JDSU's Communication Test and Measurement business segment. "Our J-Complete suite offers the most comprehensive set of automated test tools, enabling proficiency in building, deploying and managing robust network infrastructures."

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