LAN tester checks from wires to servers

Single hanheld tool can replace several other testing devices.

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The KE7200 LAN Inspector is a handheld LAN performance tester that checks various parts of an Ethernet network. Its manufacturer Kurth Electronic explains the handheld unit can replace a number of other devices commonly used by installers and technicians. The KE7200 LAN Inspector does the jobs of the following units, according to Kurth:

  • Wire mapper
  • TDR cable-length meter
  • Ethernet service detector
  • Power over Ethernet meter
  • Voltmeter
  • IP reader
  • Tracing tone generator

"The suite of functions built into the KE7200 is designed to provide a single electronic tool for installing and maintaining networks that can use the latest IP devices including IP phones, wireless access points and cameras, especially if they are network-powered," Kurth says.

Several combinations of user-addressable remote test modules, LAN jumper cables, tone probe and adapters are available, allowing the tool to be used on unterminated cable as well as coaxial cable.

Kurth recommends a retail price of $749 for the basic kit, including two remote test modules and cords.

Visit Kurth Electronic.

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