EXFO a founding member of next-generation network group

The Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, CENGN, is an Ottawa-based consortium whose members represent 90 percent of Canada’s telecom R&D.

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EXFO recently announced it is a founding member of the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN). EXFO said it and the other CENGN members will work together to ensure Canada “maintains its position as a world leader in next-generation network technologies,” adding that CENGN “brings together the entire industry supply chain—leading multinationals, scores of small- and medium-sized enterprises, startups, service providers, research scientists and academics.”

CENGN is headquartered in Ottawa’s Kanata Research Park, and will have satellite offices across the country. CENGN will partner with Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) to connect with researchers across the country. It also will link to regional innovation centers to ensure startups get the business support they need in order to grow, EXFO said when announcing its participation in the group. “The centre will provide testing facilities, business support, mentoring and help in finding financing, while promoting the development of cloud-based applications in areas such as health care, energy, education, financial services and the environment,” EXFO added.

CENGN executive director Ritch Dusome commented, “The CENGN partnership creates a unique environment and a one-of-a-kind facility that will spawn new technologies, new services, new skills, new businesses, new jobs and new international investment.”

EXFO’s founder, chairman and chief executive officer Germain Lamonde added, “EXFO is proud to be a founding member of CENGN. This provides us a great platform to work collaboratively with other CENGN participants to drive innovation and deliver highly differentiated solutions for the communications industry.”

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