EXFO’s iCERT capability enables automated, intelligent fiber certification

Dec. 11, 2014
The iCERT capability for singlemode and multimode fiber, part of EXFO’s iOLM application for OTDRs, automatically conducts fiber certification to industry pass/fail thresholds.

EXFO recently announced the release of iCERT—an automated, intelligent fiber-optic cable certification capability—on its OTDR-based software. “Available for singlemode and multimode fiber testing, the iCERT predefined test configurations provide quick access to the latest industry pass/fail thresholds to automatically certify cable installations in data centers and enterprise,” EXFO said when announcing the new capability. “This greatly simplifies optical link assessment and troubleshooting while avoiding any risk of getting tampered results due to manual entering of the wrong pass/fail values or misinterpreting extensive, complex standards documents.”

iOLM is EXFO’s Intelligent Optical Link Mapper—an intelligent OTDR-based application that the company explains “removes the need to set parameters to analyze multiple complex OTDR traces. It dynamically defines all test parameters and selects the optimum number of acquisitions required to deliver better accuracy. The result is crystal-clear assessment of any fiber with a detailed diagnosis of failed components, as well as a professional test report directly generated with no need for post-processing.”

EXFO further explained that iOLM “provides accurate insertion loss, optical return loss and fiber-length measurements, all at the touch of a single button. Additionally, it will clearly identify faults and potential problems that can be fixed right away.”

By combining iOLM, iCERT and an encircled flux (EF)-compliant launch mode conditioner for multimode environments as recommended by the TIA and IEC, EXFO said it “delivers the most precise, repeatable and intelligent troubleshooting test solution for technicians of any skill level dispatched to high-speed data centers.”

Etienne Gagnon, vice president of EXFO’s physical layer and wireless division, commented, “Bringing the iOLM unique capability into the data center and enterprise market is yet another milestone in EXFO’s vision to help IT network managers improve global efficiency. Our intelligent and automated solution finds network faults faster, keeping mean-time-to-repair low while ensuring networks are ready for the migration to 40G/100G.”

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