Modular fiber-optic network simulator

M2 Optics has unveiled its Fiber Lab Flex optical fiber testing platform.

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M2 Optics (Raleigh, NC) has unveiled its Fiber Lab Flex optical fiber testing platform. The modular design of this fiber-optic network simulator enables a user to configure the platform for physical network emulation and other applications such as equipment certification.

The 19-inch rack-mountable system accepts up to 10 removable modules to provide configuration flexibility and scalability. Each module can contain up to 10 km of any fiber type or brand and be supplied with any standard connector. The modules also can be used separately on a desktop. A fully loaded module with 10 km of fiber weighs 4.75 lbs and measures 9.5” H x 1.5” W x 11” D.

The Fiber Lab Flex platform is priced according to fiber type and length configurations. Each module can be purchased separately. Typical applications include physical network simulation with multiple fibers in the laboratory, equipment certification using a mix of fiber types, product development, quality control, and latency testing.

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