TDR tests length and faults, generates tone

Klein Tools’ Ranger TDR Kit works on data, video and power cabling systems.

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The Ranger TDR Kit from Klein Toolsmeasurescable length and locates faults in addition to generating tone, the company says. “With the time domain reflectometry spread spectrum [TDR-SS] technology, the Ranger TDR Kit eliminates measuring interference and provides accurate readings up to ±1 percent and ±3 feet,” the company says. The tool works with data, communications/video and power cable systems.

The kit measures voice, data, video, doorbell, Siamese, lamp-wire and non-metallic sheathed (NM) electrical cable, Klein says. “It can be used on an even broader amount of operating environments,” the company adds, “including Safety Extra Low Voltage [SELV] rated environments as defined by the IEC. This length measurement tester ensures compliance and identifies cable runs outside specification.”

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