Tester analyzes 16G SANs

The test solution is meant to help speed time-to-market for 16G equipment makers.

The Xgig 16G Fibre Channel Analyzer from JDSU enables storage equipment manufacturers to complete the development of storage equipment compatible with advanced 16G technology, JDSU says. "16G FC continues to evolve as a high-speed, high-capacity technology critical for storage area networks to handle more data at greater speeds using fewer links," JDSU said when announcing the new product. "The JDSU Xgig 16G Fibre Channel analyzer provides accurate, fast and comprehensive analysis of 16G Fibre Channel links to quickly identify and fix mission-critical errors, ensure quality data transmission and imrpove overall equipment and network performance."

Dave Buse, general manager in JDSU's communication test and measurement business segment, stated, "JDSU has led innovation in storage area network test for 15 years, and our expertise in the Fibre Channel test market gives customers the best tools to seamlessly manage advanced 16G technology."

The tester provides equipment developers a solution to validate crucial development, integration and interoperability functions that are in compliance with the 16G Fibre Channel specification, and help accelerate time to market, the company says. For end users, the advantage of 16G sotrage equipment include increased bandwidth for the network, lower power consumption and lower cost of associated equipment by reducing the number of cables, ports and devices required.

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