Video shows 5-step alien crosstalk testing

July 23, 2010
Produced by Fluke Networks, the video emphasizes the use of software to identify victim and disturber cables.

A video produced by Fluke Networks describes and demonstrates alien crosstalk testing and breaks the process into five steps. The video, approximately 9 minutes in length, walks through the testing process as follows.

  1. Test each Category 6A link exactly as you would test Category 6 or Category 5e
  2. Select victim cables to test
  3. Identify disturber cables for each victim
  4. Test for alien crosstalk from the near end
  5. Test for alien crosstalk from the far end, if required

The five steps obviously take longer to carry out than they do to read, so the video also shows an individual following the steps.

The video shows the use of Fluke Networks' LinkWare software to identify victim and disturber cables. It emphasizes that the software package can be used for this purpose at a main office once in-channel tests have been conducted, or the package can be used on a laptop at the jobsite.

Watch the video here.

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