Test module troubleshoots enterprise LANs

JDSU's Enterprise Services Application Module conducts a suite of tests on copper, fiber, and wireless infrastructure.

JDSU recently introduced the Enterprise Services Application Module (ESAM) for its T-Berd/MTS-4000 test system. The company said the new testing technology enables technicians to quickly isolate and resolve network issues, thereby reducing network downtime, lost productivity, and associated costs.

ESAM provides physical media tests including speed certification of Ethernet cabling, network connectivity tests, discovery, wire-speed deep-packet statistics, and wire-speed protocol capture and analysis using the JDSU J-Mentor capabilities. The ESAM is part of the modular T-Berd/MTS-4000 platform that allows tests including fiber and copper cable certification, Wi-Fi testing, VoIP emulation, IP video testing, optical power measurements, visual fault location, and fiber-connector inspection to IEC standards.

When releasing the product, JDSU commented, "Today's IT networks are more complex than ever with Voice over IP, IP security cameras, presence, and remote applications being run over high-speed copper, fiber, and wireless infrastructure. Complexity that ws once confined to the data center is now finding its way closer and closer to the user, causing the front-line IT technician to need to resolve a far greater range of faults than ever before. With even minor network faults having the potential to render employees unproductive, keeping the network up is a mission-critical task. The ESAM addresses these challenges of modern networks with a modern approach."

"JDSU designed the ESAM to address the full range of requirements for troubleshooting today's enterprise networks with a suite of tests, ranging from physical media tests to line-rate packet capture and everything in between," said Jim Nerschook, vice president and general manager in JDSU's communications test and measurement business segment. "As a module for the highly expandable JDSU T-Berd/MTS-4000 test platform, the ESAM also offers customers continuous return on investment and is the latest addition to the JDSU portfolio of award-winning, easy-to-use test and measruement solutions."

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