Greenlee boosts DataScout test system

Aug. 10, 2017
Tester's enhanced Ethernet test option enables certifying up to 16 unique Ethernet services per the ITU-T Y.1564 standard or in express multi-stream BERT mode.

Textron Company's (NYSE: TXT) Greenlee unit announced the addition of new features, including ITU-T Y.1564, multi-stream BERT and improved loopback capabilitym, to its DataScout 10G line.

The company says that the enhanced Ethernet test option enables certifying up to 16 unique Ethernet services per the ITU-T Y.1564 standard or in express multi-stream BERT mode. Further, the upgraded DataScout can support up to eight stacked VLAN and MPLS tags for each service, in addition to a loopback feature which can detect and control up to six remote devices simultaneously. "Service providers and utilities are increasingly relying on the ITU-T Y.1564 test methodology to validate contracted service level agreements as well as mission critical SCADA networks," notes Mark Barmettler, Greenlee Communications' vice president and GM.

The DataScout 10G's intuitive user interface can be used to minimize the learning curve and provide consistent, efficient testing by guiding technicians through proper test setup, according to Greenlee. Further, the DataScout 10G's 'Plug & Stay' modular design enables users to provision their technicians a test set with the combination of test interfaces tailored to their workgroup requirements. The tester has reconfigurable, but non-removable interfaces that protect modules from being damaged or lost on the job, Greenlee says.

A web browser, email, an onboard user manual, and in-application training videos are all standard applications of the DataScout 10G's touch screen tablet. Greenlee notes the DataScout 10G supports the following testing needs: dual 10/100/1G Ethernet; 10G Ethernet; DS3; dual DS1; PRI-ISDN; DS0-TIMS; 2/4 Wire SIGNALING with E&M; DDS; datacom; Wi-Fi.

Per the company, with the unit technicians can perform testing anywhere that Bluetooth or network connections are available via the DataScout 10G's wired, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remote options. The remote option also gives technicians the opportunity to leave unsafe work locations to perform required tasks.

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