IDEAL Networks updates software for Cat6/6A alien crosstalk testing; plus additional cables, expanded connectivity

Nov. 6, 2017
IDEAL Networks announced that it has released free software updates for its LanTEK III cable certifier and NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network troubleshooting testers. 

IDEAL Networks announced that it has released free software updates for its LanTEK III cable certifier and NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network troubleshooting testers. Per a company press release:

LanTEK III cable certifier updates -- Following updates in October 2017, a greater variety of tests than ever before are now possible with the LanTEK III cable certifier, giving installers maximum flexibility with the same handheld device. For example, the LanTEK III can now be used for alien crosstalk testing if required. Alien crosstalk testing allows a bundle of Cat6 or Cat6A unshielded cables to be tested for data interference between the cables. Usually, the test, which some specifiers or network designers may require for certification, can be difficult and time consuming to do. However, the new LanTEK III software ensures that tests can be done 4x faster than other certifiers while meeting the requirements of TIA 568.2 / ISO 11801-1 standards.

To enhance the user experience and make faults easier to detect, the software updates have also improved the quality of TDNEXT and TDRL graph resolutions on the certifier’s display screen. The updated graphic functionality provides greater on-screen detail when testing cable up to Cat6A / Class EA using the LanTEK III.

In response to customer feedback, a number of additional cables have also been added to the manufacturer database on LanTEK III, including copper and fiber cables from Draka and R&M, and Belden 4K UHD cables. This allows users to select the specific manufacturer’s cable providing extra detail in customer reports, and removes the need to spend time setting the cable details manually in the certifier.

The software update increases the global capabilities of the certifier, supporting the requirements of the latest version of the Chinese GB50312-2016 copper and fiber test standard. General bug fixes have also been completed to further enhance usability and efficiency.

NaviTEK NT network troubleshooter updates (Plus and Pro models) -- In May 2017, a software update was also released for the NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network troubleshooters. The NaviTEK NT series of network troubleshooting testers has grown in popularity every year and the software enhancements support this demand by offering extra functionality.

For instance, a wider range of old and new switches, including those from Brocade, Huawei and CISCO, are now supported by NaviTEK NT. With additional LLDP port decoding, this gives system integrators the ability to instantly see port information on the tester’s screen, including port number, VLAN, MAC address, description, IP address and more. Time is saved by intercepting LLDP/CDP/EDP frames during switch negotiation. The update also provides improved CDP/LLDP port discovery information decoding on VLAN or VoIP VLAN in Cisco, HP and Huawei switches.

In addition, customers using twisted pair cabling with non-standard connector terminations can now select which wires should be tested within the cable and NaviTEK NT will provide an accurate pass/fail wiremap result. This may be achieved through the extended list of wiremap templates for common cable types including non-standard cable, such as USOC, COAX, Profinet, ISDN and Deutsche Bahn. It is also possible to create customized templates for wiremap testing. This can be beneficial when working with cable that has fewer than 8 wires, or where only some of the wires are used. Previously NaviTEK NT would have returned a fail result as its standard configuration would always attempt to test 8 wires. Now NaviTEK NT can test any customized/proprietary cabling system.

Following the software update release, it is also now possible for NaviTEK NT users to manually select the test mode they wish to use: cabling, network or switch. This can enable technicians to reduce test time by up to 1/3 as it is not necessary to wait for the device to auto-detect the test type. However, auto-detect is still available to provide users with the widest range of options. Overall the NaviTEK NT updates offer enhanced accuracy of fault detection on complex wiremap issues, alongside bug fixes.

“We continually invest in developing our products in line with customer feedback and this year’s free software updates have been designed to support the specific needs of installers and technicians,” says Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager for IDEAL Networks. “New updates across the IDEAL Networks product range are already in development to further support efficient network and cable installation and testing.”

To download the free software updates for LanTEK III and NaviTEK NT Plus or Pro, visit:

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