Fluke Networks tops 5 million test results uploaded to LinkWare Live

July 14, 2017
Introduced in September 2014, LinkWare Live is the cloud-based service for reporting and storing cable test results.

In a blog post on July 12, Fluke Networks’ Mark Mullins reported that the company achieved the milestone of having 5 million test results uploaded to the cloud via its LinkWare Live platform. “Thanks to all the contractors, installers and network maintainers around the world who rely on our Versiv family of products,” Mullins wrote in the company’s Cabling Chronicles blog. “You helped us reach a significant industry milestone.” He added that the rate of LinkWare Live uploads continues to increase: “Users are now uploading over 300,000 results each month.”

Mullins commented that the 5-million-upload milestone “is a significant demonstration that more and more of our users are embracing cloud services and connected technologies to transform the way their companies and employees work and do business.”

The platform went live in September 2014. “Since then, we’ve heard from many of you,” Mullins said to Fluke Networks’ customers. “Not only are you helping us improve LinkWare Live, importantly, you are helping to solve the industry’s significant ‘time-wasted’ and ‘time-lost’ problems by eliminating them.”

He later noted, “Your insights into the new business processes and workflows you are creating and establishing are leading to newfound efficiencies and increased levels of productivity.”

You can read Mark Mullins’s full blog post here.

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