Powering and connecting the hyperconnected enterprise

Dec. 6, 2023
Learn more in the Building Edge Infrastructure: Re-thinking how networks can support the hyperconnected building white paper.

Today’s enterprise network managers are responsible for building the networks that will power tomorrow’s Web 4.0/5.0 applications. The challenge—for them and their design/installation partners—is to stay one step ahead of the changes that are coming. Meeting these challenges requires us to rethink how power and data are delivered throughout the enterprise; how new technologies and systems are deployed, onboarded and managed; and the overall impact on the enterprise and the environment.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • Primary challenges facing building networks: Network densification, Deployment speed, Sustainability
  • Limitations of traditional LAN/IP solutions
  • Building Edge Infrastructure (BEI)
  • Comparison Modeling


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