Black & Veatch's telecoms business ranked among global leaders

July 3, 2019
“Demand for integrated infrastructure services is growing, and our clients depend on us to deliver comprehensive solutions that connect the dots in our connected world,” says Steve Edwards, Black & Veatch’s chairman/CEO.

A just-released list by Engineering News-Record (ENR) once again reflects Black & Veatch’s leadership among global engineering, construction and consulting companies serving the power, water and telecommunications sectors.

ENR’s “Top 500 Design Firms” Sourcebook, which provides detailed rankings for nearly 50 specific market categories, ranks Black & Veatch among the Top 10 companies across 20 categories – from solar power and transmission and distribution, to water supply, wastewater treatment and telecommunications.

Black & Veatch’s Telecommunications business – which earned the company the No. 1 overall ranking for that industry in April’s Top 500 Design Firms list – repeated that showing in the updated list while ranking second for towers and antennae as clients increasingly deploy high-speed/low latency public- and private-network broadband networks.

Black & Veatch’s Power business ranked second for solar power services and No. 5 in transmission and distribution, reflecting the power industry’s continued exploration of renewable energy as a critical player in the power generation mix. With customers focused on integrated solutions to meet resilience and supply challenges, Black & Veatch's Water business was among the top 10 firms in water supply, water treatment and waste water treatment plants; ranked third for sanitary and storm water sewer services; and ranked fourth in hydro plants.

“Demand for integrated infrastructure services is growing, and our clients depend on us to deliver comprehensive solutions that connect the dots in our connected world,” said Steve Edwards, Black & Veatch’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “These rankings say a lot about our leadership status in the markets we serve, but speak even louder about our professionals’ knowledge, capabilities and commitment.”

Fueled by demand for Black & Veatch’s diverse set of infrastructure services – including power generation and delivery, renewable energy, and water and wastewater treatment – the company placed 12th overall on the Top 500 list, and ranked first in telecommunications, second in power, and fifth in water.

Among the rankings:


  • Ranked 1 in Top 50 Telecommunications
  • Ranked 1 in Top 5 Transmission Lines and Cabling
  • Ranked 2 in Top 10 Towers and Antennae


  • Ranked 2 in Top 50 Power
  • Ranked 2 in Top 10 Solar Power
  • Ranked 2 in Top 25 Fossil Fuel
  • Ranked 2 in Top 5 Operation and Maintenance
  • Ranked 4 in Top 10 Hydro Plants
  • Ranked 5 in Top 25 Transmission and Distribution
  • Ranked 8 in Top 10 Co-generation
  • Ranked 8 in Top 15 Nuclear


  • Ranked 9 in Top 25 Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
  • Ranked 22 in Top 50 Petroleum


  • Ranked 3 in Top 25 Sanitary and Storm Sewers
  • Ranked 5 in Top 50 Water Supply
  • Ranked 5 in Top 20 Water Treatment, Desalination Plants
  • Ranked 6 in Top 50 Sewer and Waste
  • Ranked 6 in Top 25 Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Ranked 6 in Top 20 Water Transmission Lines and Aqueducts
  • Ranked 10 in Top 10 Solid Waste
  • Ranked 12 in Top 15 Dams and Reservoirs
  • Ranked 16 in Top 20 Chemical and Soil Remediation
  • Ranked 44 in Top 50 Hazardous Waste


  • Ranked 7 in Top 25 Government Offices

ENR is a 101-year-old industry publication of BNP Media. ENR provides news, analysis, commentary and data that construction industry professionals use to do their jobs more effectively.

The ENR Sourcebook rankings follow the outlet’s April release of its “Top 500 Design Firms” report, which places Black & Veatch 12th overall on the Top 500 list and ninth in the Top 50 Designers in International Markets list. The company was second in power, fifth in water and sixth in sewer/wastewater.

The Top 500 Rankings are based on revenues within Black & Veatch’s individual business lines. Demand for Black & Veatch’s services is being met by more than 10,000 professionals who deliver and support engineering, construction, procurement, consulting and technology solutions.  

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