Symmetrical 10GE over existing coax for 5G wireless backhaul over cable

April 6, 2020
"The Technetix Virtual Segmentation solution provides extra bandwidth on existing coaxial cable, alleviating the need to deploy fiber,” says Brendan Walsh, vice president of MaxLinear’s Wireless Infrastructure Group.

MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE: MXL) announced that Technetix Group’s Virtual Segmentation platform is in production, driven by the MaxLinear MxL85110 broadband modem IC [integrated circuit] for enabling gigabit throughput over coaxial cable infrastructure.

As noted by MaxLinear, "5G represents an opportunity for the cable operators to provide backhaul for either wireless companies or themselves. The technical barriers that have prevented the operator cable plant being used for this application have been overcome by MaxLinear’s MxL85110 -- namely gigabit throughputs and low latency overlaying above established DOCSIS traffic."

The Technetix Virtual Segmentation product uses MaxLinear’s MxL85110 chipset. The MxL85110 provides up to 20Gbps (10 downstream + 10 upstream) Ethernet capacity, ultra-low latency of 5 microseconds per node, and adaptive code modulation ranging from BPSK to 1024 QAM. The device can be programmed for flexible bandwidth from 25MHz to 2GHz, with independent asymmetric transmit and receive configuration.

It also delivers superior spectral and payload efficiency for productive utilization of cable bandwidth with no MAC-layer overhead. Additional features include carrier-grade synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 synchronization and an integrated management channel.

“The established cable infrastructure has a significant footprint and scale (compared to fiber) and is situated in ideal locations for small cell backhaul, mid-haul or fronthaul applications and offers the capability for powering that fiber does not permit. The Technetix Virtual Segmentation solution provides extra bandwidth on existing coaxial cable alleviating the need to deploy fiber,” comments Brendan Walsh, vice president of MaxLinear’s Wireless Infrastructure Group. “This capability allows for new service deployment - such as mobile backhaul - in weeks rather than months.”

As mobile network operators (MNOs) face the challenge of providing high bandwidth fronthaul and backhaul networks to address the bandwidth and low latency requirements of future 5G services, Technetix’s Virtual Segmentation product range is designed to provide high-speed connections using existing coaxial cable infrastructure. This saves the cost of laying new fiber-optic cabling, providing cable operators with new flexibility in terms of where to locate nodes and how to provide connectivity to their core network.

“Our carrier customers are demanding fronthaul and backhaul solutions that have the throughput and low latency performance to handle 5G services,” asserts Paul Broadhurst, founder and CEO of Technetix. “By using MaxLinear’s high-speed data platform, the opportunity for 5G backhaul for cable operators has become a reality, along with virtual node segmentation and the delivery of B2B data services.”

Technetix says its innovative Virtual Segmentation platform allows cable operators to create a virtual 10 GE pipe over the existing coaxial network. This high bandwidth connection can be used to deploy R-PHY without deploying fiber; providing cable operators with dramatic savings over fiber deployment time and capex. Virtual Segmentation enables this high bandwidth by overlaying additional data on the high frequency bands available on the coax cable.

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