Anritsu, Multiwave Sensors streamline cellular base station reporting

March 8, 2021
The "Smart Aligner App" simplifies close-out reporting for new cellular base stations, giving network operators greater confidence in cell site installations, and helping contractors receive payments faster.

Anritsu Company, in partnership with Multiwave Sensors Inc., has introduced the Smart Aligner App, a unified reporting solution for cellular base station antenna alignment and line sweep measurements.

According to the companies, with the Smart Aligner App, close-out reports can be prepared, saved as PDF files, and sent to network operators from the cell site location, saving time and money while providing operators with confidence that new cellular base stations have been installed according to specification.

The Smart Aligner App creates close-out reports that validate all required line sweep and antenna alignment measurements have been completed. Through the app, users can create a single report that contains all the information operators require. With the Smart Aligner App, reports are created onsite by copying the files directly from the Anritsu test solution into the smartphone with a USB flash drive. Images can be added to the report for greater confidence of the work quality performed.

Reports can be submitted directly to the customer as an email attachment sent over the cellular network. Confirmation of acceptance can be given before the crew departs from the site, eliminating the additional costs and time associated with return visits. The app also expedites payment for the contractor and field technicians, as reports are submitted and approved much faster.

The Smart Aligner App is compatible with Anritsu's handheld field base station test solutions, including the Site Master cable and antenna analyzers and BTS Master base station analyzers. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play App Store globally. The new app feature is only available for Android smartphones and tablets. It is free of charge to use.

"By including Anritsu's Line Sweep and PIM measurements results in our industry-standard Smart Aligner application, we are further advancing support for our customer base and making their job easier for close out reporting," said Mark Frischman, CTO and co-principal, Multiwave Sensors Inc.

"Anritsu is delighted to partner with Multiwave to develop Android-based solutions that massively enhance and simplify report generation using both companies' products. With this application, contractors are able to complete their jobs faster and get paid more quickly," added Angus Robinson, product marketing manager for Anritsu.

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