WiFi 6E antennas for long-range point-to-point connections

Aug. 4, 2023
Fairview Microwave’s latest WiFi 6E antennas are available with RSP, SMA, or Type N connector interfaces.
Fairview Microwave
Wi Fi6 E Antennas

Fairview Microwave’s most recent product introduction is a set of WiFi 6E antennas that the company says can be used across a number of applications. The company says the WiFi 6E technology “handles demanding networking requirements with ease. The WiFi 6E antennas come with a variety of connector options including RSP, SMA or Type N. This ensures a perfect fit for all types of network environments.”

The antennas are made for long-range, point-to-point connections, acting “as a megaphone for data” by providing gigabit-speed transmission, Fairview Microwave adds. “The integration of MIMO technology facilitates speedy multi-in, multi-out signal paths, eliminating lag and transforming network experiences.”

“Our WiFi 6E antennas are all about optimizing performance and flexibility,” said Fairview Microwave product line manager Kevin Hietpas. “They guarantee efficient, top-speed data transmission at all times, catering to the requirements of in-building connections, mobile networking or point-to-point communications.”

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